February 28, 2014

Computer Business Review

Nominum looks to Replace Third Party Cookies for CSPS

New N2 app leverages user data from DNS


Nominum's new N2 marketing applications are looking to use the DNS (Domain Name System) to help Communication Service Providers (CSP) replace third party cookies.

Nominum claims that the app can use in-browser messaging capabilities to enable CSPs to reach customers in real-time while customers can interact with CSPs by responding to opt in to various in-browser notifications or offers.

CSP marketing teams in turn receive comprehensive real-time metrics to enhance campaigns and deliver a more efficient marketing and communications channel, and make money from advertisers in the process.

'We're proposing that operators provide information [from the DNS] to serve as a replacement to third party cookies and they get a revenue kick back from the advertisers,' said Sanjay Kapoor, VP Strategy and CMO, Nominum.

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