July 21, 2010

WildTangent Reveals Games App For Social, Casual Titles

Casual gaming network WildTangent announced WildTangent Games, a new online service and application that features social games and premium flash titles alongside its catalog of casual releases.

The new app is designed to encourage users to find games they'll enjoy regardless if they're social titles or WildTangent's traditional casual games library, which offers more than 1,000 releases from developers like Disney, PopCap, and Ubisoft. It also features a tab system that access other media like music, movies, and social networking sites.

WildTangent's Games application is still in 'preview mode,' but the company is already calling it 'the games service of choice for all major PC and device manufacturers' and is making it available in ten languages. It is currently looking for feedback on the service, promising to incorporate useful suggestions into the app's release version.

The firm says its bringing its digital currency (WildCoins) and advertising partners to the Games app so players can have the option of participating in offers to receive free virtual goods/currency, purchasing digital items with WildCoins, or other choices.

'Our new games service will be an entirely new arena for both game players and the game developers who create great experiences for our consumers,' says WildTangent senior vice president Sean Vanderdasson.

He adds, 'We'll continue to offer games tailored for all members of the household as well as our unique free/rent/own model. Now, however, developers of all types, including social developers and those whose games include digital items, can benefit from inclusion within our service.'